Whimsical Pins and 
POSH Pins, Pendants & Earrings
are artfully and carefully handmade in Hooksett, New Hampshire, USA  

We began making our very popular stiffened, embellished 100% cotton Whimsical Pins in 1997 and now offer hundreds of styles.  

In 2005, we added  coourlorful collection of one-of-a-kind, ink-dyed, artfully crafted 
polymer clay POSH Pins, Pendants & Earrings.

 In 2010, with a nod to Steampunk, we added our POSH Triangle Pins embellished with metal 
gears, wires and well, whatever looks best.

All our pieces are fun to wear, colorful, lightweight, durable...and can be addictive!

HINT...Pins look great on a hat too!

Thank you so much for being part of our crafting adventure...hasn't it been fun for us all!

Member of New Hampshire Made  -  www.nhmade.com

Welcome to our Pin World
 a stylish little division of Holmes Lewis, Inc.

Hooksett, New Hampshire, USA
email: HolmesLewis@comcast.net
phone:  603-485-9672